We are adding a new feature to our social meetings. We’re calling it Membership Challenge. A project suggestion (and due date) will be presented at each Social meeting. The submissions will be presented at the next Social meeting.

The first challenge is inspired by the work that Mark Odegard showed us at the last meeting. Please create a collage using marbled paper (or fabric/leather). It can be a stand alone picture, 3D object, book cover, book pages, etc.  

We will present the submitted pieces at the Sep 22 2024 meeting.  Please e-mail with an attached pic of your completed work to (Gail Steward) on or before Friday, July 19.

Please include the following in your e-mail:

  • Your name
  • Name of your piece if applicable
  • Description of materials used
  • Dimensions

And one of the statements below:

YES I give my permission to display the attached work and my name on Midwest Marbling social media NO I do not want the attached work displayed on Midwest Marbling social media.


Next Show at Unity Unitarian: MWM has been accepted in what appears to be our own exhibit at this location and not shared as previously thought. We are looking at it happening next year – May to June 2025. The name given by Unity Unitarian is: “Beyond the Brushstroke” (our suggested sub headline will include “Marbling”). More information to follow as it comes available.


Marbling at Homewood Studios Extended (12/15/2023)

Over the past year we have had an agreement with George Roberts at Homewood Studios, to marble one weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) a month. The deal was only for the year as he planned to transfer ownership at the end of 2023. He has done that but was able to secure us an agreement to continue to marble at Homewood until our studio is ready.


Midwest Marbling becomes an LLC (11/5/2023)

In consultation with a pro-bono attorney whom we worked with via Legal Corps, we decided to become an LLC. This helps protect the officers and members from liability until we can become a non-profit organization.

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