Midwest Marbling is a community of marbling artists and supporters. We are dedicated to learning about and evolving the art of marbling and we believe that an infrastructure to support marbling is key to ensuring that it has a growing place within the worlds of craft and art. We believe that this is the first such group endeavor in the U.S.A.

The Mission of Midwest Marbling is to advance the art of marbling in the Midwest and beyond through marbling, education, and showing our art.


Marbling is an ancient art form in which some kind of paint or pigment is floated on the surface of a liquid, a pattern is made, and then paper or other porous material is used to lift the pattern off the liquid’s surface. Suminagashi was the first form of marbling using ink on water in Japan. As the process crossed Asia via trade routes the materials changed but the general process remained the same. Today most U.S. marblers use acrylic paint on a carrageenan solution to make their magic.(See Evolution)

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