Membership dues for Midwest Marbling are currently $30 per year [PayPal option One]. We began collecting these dues in October 2023 and they will be due every October. For those who join us in March-September 2024, dues will be $15 [PayPal option Two]. The cost of dues is likely to change as we discover what our costs actually are.

What do you get:

  • Two days of open studios a month (second weekend of the month) at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis. This offers members a place to practice their marbling skills and gain experience.
  • Access and input into our educational programs on marbling and related subjects (e.g. participating in and putting on shows)
  • Monthly meetings, except in December, which include short educational presentations and provide time to meet informally, ask questions, and show your work. These meetings are also Zoomed.
  • Access to show your work at local venues for little or no cost
  • Opportunities to sell your art/craft products

We have two ways to pay your dues:

  1. Mail a check to Midwest Marbling, 228 Cecil Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, or
  2. Send your money through PayPal choosing option One or Two.


Not a marbler but want to contribute to make sure this beautiful art form thrives in the 21st century (see Contact).

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