Membership dues for Midwest Marbling are currently $30 per year [PayPal option One]. We began collecting these dues in October 2023 and they will be due every October. For those who join us in March-September 2024, dues will be $15 [PayPal option Two]. The cost of dues is likely to change as we discover what our costs actually are.

What do you get:

  • Two days of open studios a month (second weekend of the month) at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis. This offers members a place to practice their marbling skills and gain experience.
  • Access and input into our educational programs on marbling and related subjects (e.g. participating in and putting on shows)
  • Monthly meetings, except in December, which include short educational presentations and provide time to meet informally, ask questions, and show your work. These meetings are also Zoomed.
  • Access to show your work at local venues for little or no cost
  • Opportunities to sell your art/craft products

We have two ways to pay your dues:

  1. Mail a check to Midwest Marbling, 228 Cecil Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, or
  2. Send your money through PayPal choosing option One or Two.
  3. NOTE:  Members are urged to mail in checks if possible, because PayPal takes a portion of what you pay which means we lose money and the fees also lead to bookkeeping challenges!

Meeting Dates and Time:

  • Meetings are always from 2 – 4pm on Sunday afternoon, usually in the community room at the Hendrickson Apartments in Falcon Heights and on Zoom. Members are alerted to the meetings and given instructions for connecting via email.
  • Dates and General Focus:
  • July 28, 2024 – Social Show and Sell
  • August 25th – Business – All Welcome
  • September 22nd – Social Show and Sell
  • October 27th – Business – All Welcome
  • November 24th – Social Show and Sell
  • December- No Meeting – Holiday Greetings !
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